Hello world – welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m super glad you’re here. My name is Grayce and I am a foodie and millennial mommy living in Toronto. I love eating, drinking whisky and being outside with my dogs, Mousse and Barry. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, I moved to Toronto to pursue my undergrad in accounting and fell in love with the city lights, amazing food, and diverse culture. I started working in accounting and pursuing my CPA after graduation. Through juggling long work hours and studying, I realized that I had absolutely no time outside of my work life to enjoy my new home. It was really depressing for me to be away from my family and spending my early 20s slaving away at a desk all the time. I decided I needed to make a change for myself. I switched from retail accounting into entertainment accounting which decreased my work hours dramatically – working in entertainment also has amazing perks which allowed me to enjoy living in Toronto a lot more! I enjoyed this lifestyle change so much that my boyfriend and I are now living happily ever after with our sweet baby boy. Though daunting, we are super excited to raise our little family together.

I can’t wait to share my everyday adventures with you!

xo grayce

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