I’ve been thinking about launching this blog for a while now.

When I was in high school, my best friend and I went to different schools. To keep each other in the loop, we wrote a blog to update each other on our life and to send each other playlists consisting mainly of Jonas Brothers songs. As a high school student stuck in summer school, I absolutely loved living vicariously through him as he embarked on swim meets, concerts and trips to Asia.

When I moved to Toronto, I used my blog as an outlet to share part of my day with my family and friends in Alberta. It soon became a platform for my musings and a creative outlet for my writing. I soon realised that similarly, I could vicariously live the life of the stylish and chic for 10 minutes a day through their blog. I started following blogs such as The Chriselle Factor, The Tig and LaurenConrad.com – and for just 10 minutes a day, I learned how to be a little more chic and how to keep my eyebrows on fleek.

I’m finally in a good place in my life where my social, work and personal life align. I wanted to start writing again to be able to look back and see how far I’ve grown but haven’t found the courage to launch this blog. Why? Inhibitions.

Whether it’s people that think I’m too bubbly, other bloggers who don’t like me or haters that don’t respect my opinion – there are loads of reasons I came up with to not write this blog. Compounding that were my own internal reservations. I felt like I wasn’t chic enough or creative enough to write a blog. Who would read something by me? I’m nobody.

So, what should I do? This was something I wanted to do for myself but there were so many reasons not to do it. That’s when I started to realise, letting your fears have influence over your decisions is giving in to them. The world is a big place and to be able to find your tiny little voice among a sea of opinions is a special thing. Don’t let the “you can’ts” get in the way of trying – you do you.

So, I’m going to write for myself. I’m going to write because I want to share my love of food and whisky. I want to write to document the best years of my life and share them with my supporters. I’m writing because I am passionate.

I’m writing this as my first post because I wanted to share that inhibitions are real. But inhibitions should not stop you from pursuing your passion. There will always be people that roll their eyes at you, there will always be those that want you to fail and sometimes, you might feel like the entire system is stacked against you but seriously, if you don’t try today, you’ll look back someday when you’ve become stronger than your inhibitions and wonder why you didn’t start sooner.



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