Happy Monday morning, folks! In Canada, today is a long weekend. I wanted to experiment with new content so here is a playlist to start your morning.

Hope you all enjoy!


Freddie Stevenson – Indestructible Heart

I love how much control Freddie has on his voice. A lot of songs out there are considered jams that you bump to but this song is a song you should enjoy with your eyes closed and your mind cleared. If I could compare this song to a whisky, it would likely be a complex scotch – a thinking scotch that you slowly enjoy.


Dizzy – Swim

I first discovered Dizzy at a Mod Club show in Toronto. Their eerie sound made me feel like I have having a really creepy dream – but in a good way. Does that make sense? Anyway, these guys are totally underrated and you should listen to them.

Aaron Krause – Jade

I’m really feeling the piano in this track. It’s so calm and easy – just like weekends should be.


Jake Morley – Inside My Mind (acoustic)

Is it just me or does Jake Morley really channel Ed Sheeran?


bülow – Two Punks In Love

Working in music, I get exposed to a lot of different styles of music. This has really broadened my music horizons – especially considering I have never been known as “that girl with good taste in music”. I was more like “that girl into super weird music” because I liked everything from country to canto-pop to jazz. Anyways, I first heard bülow when she performed at a showcase at my work. I remember thinking “Wow! I have never heard a voice like this before!”  It’s so raspy yet chill combined with an emo vibe that sort of reminds me of Avril Lavinge era punk. Is this the future of Canadian music? I hope so.





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