Everybody always thinks about getting gifts for baby but what about mom?

Here are my top 3 gifts to get a new mom:

    1. A Spa Day (& babysitter) – Being a new mom is a full-time job. And it’s not even a 9-5 job, it’s like a 24 hour job with no breaks! That’s why any time out of the house without baby is a HUGE blessing. Being able to go out of the house AND get your feet and back massaged – well that’s just heaven!
    2. Pregnancy No-No Foods – While I was pregnant, I couldn’t eat prosciutto, soft cheeses and sushi. It was pure torture. That is why whenever I have the chance now, you can find me next to a sushi platter or charcuterie board!
    3. Customized Baby Jewelry – I am obsessed with my little one. Obsessed to the point where I want to get a baby tattoo. I might not be able to commit to one yet but in the meantime, baby jewelry is a great alternative! These Sincerely Silver Co. necklaces and bracelets are customizable and you can have your baby’s birthday, fingerprint or name engraved to wear forever.

Disclaimer: I was gifted this customized necklace by Sincerely Silver co. 

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