This month marks our 100th night sleeping on our Endy mattress! To be honest, it feels like much longer because I’m so used to it now.

I first saw Endy on Dragon’s Den where they walked away with three dragon investors. Though rolling a mattress into a vacuum sealed box seems like a good idea for shipping, I was not convinced that it would be more comfortable than a traditional non-rolled mattress!


From the ordering process to actually receiving and sleeping on the mattress, the process took less than a week. When the mattress arrived at our door, Jeff wasn’t home but the box was small enough that I was able to bring it up the stairs by myself. We had already discarded our old mattress and all I needed to do was put the box on top of the bed frame, unbox it and roll it out.

It took about 15 minutes for the mattress to unroll and decompress. After that, we spent a good hour rolling around on it because it was so soft!


  •  It is 100% designed, manufactured, and shipped in Canada
  • Amazing price point – it cost much less than a traditional mattress
  • Their foam prevents motion transfer
  • 100 Night Trial Program & free returns


Now that we’ve been sleeping on our Endy for 100 nights, would we consider returning it? Awww hell no!

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