Happy Autumn everyone! Against popular opinion, Fall is my favourite season of the year. I love walking around outside to the sound of crunching leaves and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes. Mhmmm I could really use one right now!

Today, I am chatting with Canadian author Kelly Siskind on her book The Beat Match coming out TOMORROW (September 15, 2020). You can order her book off Amazon (Canada or US) or pick up a copy from most book stores. The Beat Match is book #3 in her Showmen series which currently features a magician and Elvis impersonator! Personally, I have read all 3 of these books and I love the larger-than-life characters that bring these stories to life. The Beat Match in particular features a masked DJ, corporate espionage and even a cute little bunny!

In our interview, we chat about Kelly’s writing process and where she comes up with the idea for these interesting characters. If you like the interview, make sure to check out her upcoming book: The Beat Match!

Hope you enjoy the interview!


The Beat Match by Kelly Siskind – coming out September 15, 2020!

Grayce: Hi Kelly, before we start, can you tell us a little able yourself?

Kelly: Aside from being a romance author, my husband and I own a fine cheese and gourmet food shop. Some other fun facts about me: I was a competitive downhill ski racer growing up. I also worked as a cook for a number of years and was a high school art teacher!

Grayce: Very cool! What made you fall in love with writing?

Kelly: I decided to start writing because I love reading. I was on a hike one day with my dog and thought about what type of book I might write. My first effort was horrible, but I didn’t give up! I got published with my third novel, CHASING CRAZY, and have been hooked ever since.

Grayce: What made you want to write romance novels?

Kelly: My first ever draft was a YA dystopian novel. It wasn’t until an indie bookstore owner suggested a romance for one of my vacations that I got hooked on the genre. The stories make women feel empowered and sexy, and I feel fortunate to give that gift to others.

Grayce: As an author of over 10 novels, how do you keep your plots fresh and intriguing?

Kelly: Sometimes I’m inspired by a song or a news story or simply my imagination running wild. I also have a lot of fun fleshing out my characters as I write, giving them unique quirks and personalities. Detailed backstories make them feel more alive.

Grayce: From magicians to art thieves to DJs (and now also boxers!!), your novels contain the most interesting heros and heroines. Where do you come up with the idea for these plots? 

Kelly: When I started this series, the magicians in New Orleans Rush came to me on a lark. I wanted a fun setting for that book. Then I decided to link all the books in the series with a general theme: showmen. The hero in each book is a showman or performer on some level. Hence the DJ theme in The Beat Match and an Elvis Impersonator in Don’t Go Stealing My Heart. Even with the boxing in The Knockout Rule, which comes out next year, the hero is a performer, playing a role for his PR team and his fans.

Grayce: Personally, my favourite character is Jack from Don’t Go Stealing My Heart. Where did you get the idea of an Elvis impersonator from? Was Jack’s character inspired from someone you know? 

Kelly: While Jack wasn’t inspired by anyone I know, I adored writing him. As far as the Elvis theme goes, While I’m not a huge Elvis fan, I’ve always been fascinated by huge stars like him from that era. I also live in a small town that hosts a large Elvis festival and thought it would be fun to incorporate part of that world into a book.

Grayce: Do you have a favourite character from all of the books you’ve written? If so, who is it? 

Kelly: I hate playing favorites with my characters! And honestly, my favorites tend to be whoever I’m writing in the moment.

Grayce: Let’s talk about The Beat Match (coming out this Fall)! In my opinion, the most important part of a romance novel is chemistry between the two characters. How did you build chemistry between Weston and Annie?

Kelly: It’s special writing a friends-to-lovers romance. When the book starts, there’s already so much love and connection between Weston and Annie. My job is to infuse their everyday interactions with that history, so readers feel how well they already know and care for each other as they fight their feelings and finally realize they’re meant to be together.

Grayce: Both Weston and Annie are DJs which sounds like a very fun job! What was researching for this book like?  (Did you go to any raves? Lol)

Kelly: While I’m not a DJ, I’ve been to a rave or two in my time. We won’t discuss how long ago that was. 🙂 Researching this book, however, was more about using the all-powerful internet. I also chatted with an actual DJ, who helped me hone in on some of the details needed to bring that aspect of the novel to life.  

Grayce: In your own words, why should someone pre-order a copy of The Beat Match immediately?  (This is where you plug! 😊)

Kelly: If you want to get swept away in a friends-to-lovers romance and feel the rush of dancing in a club and falling in love, The Beat Match is the perfect escape!

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